‘Abundant Futures’: The ethico-political potential of thinking with race: Panel

(Sponsored by the Cultural Geography and Urban Geography Study Groups)

Organisers: Michele Lobo (Deakin) Ashraful Alam (Otago, NZ), Donna Houston (Macquarie), Andrew Burridge (Macquarie)

In an increasingly mobile world cities are sites of difference, encounter and struggle – humans/nonhumans, nature/culture and the dominant/subaltern. Often the imperialist force of race, white politics and racial capitalism exacerbates the struggle while entangled with popular as well as state anxieties about indigenous recognition, immigration, asylum seeker-refugee policies, Islam and national security. Drawing on more-than-human perspectives this session asks: what are the possibilities for inhabiting our planetary home in ways that move beyond (eco-)apocalyptic futures? We welcome papers that seek ethico-political spaces of abundance in the Anthropocene through engagements with diverse traditions of thought from the Global North/South.


Michele Lobo (Deakin University) with Donna Houston (Macquarie University)


Order of Speakers:

Naama Blatman-Thomas (University of Sydney)

(Land eugenics and its aftermath: How Palestinians challenge the race of the land in Jewish cities)


Marilu Mero-Zurita (University of New South Wales)

The Burden of Abundant Futures: discarded bodies in the Subterranean Anthropocene


June Rubis (Oxford University)

The Orang Utan is Not an Indigenous Name: Knowing and Naming the Orang Utan as a Decolonizing Epistemology


Yvonne Underhill-Sem (Auckland University)

Where are the ethico-political possibilities for vendor-led marketplace associations in the diverse, racialized and gendered Pacific?


Rhonda Itaoui (Western Sydney University)

Race and Islam


Maeve Powell (Australian National University)

Decolonising the Anthropocene and Science Fiction


Discussion: Andrew Burridge (Macquarie University) with Michele Lobo (Deakin University)


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