Bringing Indigenous Standpoints to Trans Geographies

Ms Corrinne Sullivan1

1Western Sydney University


The emergent field of transgender geography centers the specificity of transgender experience in

space and place building a strong foundation for empirical and theoretical scholarship situated in the embodied experiences of trans people, but as a whole has not yet engaged with trans experiences of Indigenous peoples and people of colour.  Drawing on Indigenous Standpoint Theory (Nakata 2007; Moreton-Robinson 2013) and trans geographies this paper discusses the lives of Indigenous trans people through the lens of sex work detailing the ways in which sexuality, gender and emotion are navigated. In doing so, this paper complicates concepts of race, gender and sexuality, contributing narratives from Indigenous Standpoints which enrich the trans geography literature.


Corrinne Sullivan is an Aboriginal scholar from the Wiradjuri nation, a Senior Lecturer at Western Sydney University, and a PhD student in geography at Macquarie University. Her research interests focus broadly on experiences and effects of body and Identity in relation to Indigenous peoples. Corrinne’s knowledges stem from the disciplines of Indigenous Studies and Human Geography, she utilises both to understand the ways in which Indigenous peoples are affected by their experiences of space and place.


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