When nature does not keep her promises.

Dr Lesley Crowe-delaney1



Is there a possibility that tourists when disappointed by nature, can become litigious? Chinese academics believe there is accountability when nature does not perform. This paper looks at the issue of a host country, Japan and its tourism agencies, not being able to accurately predict the exact time of autumn color for a tourist experience. This paper aims to stimulate discussion on the ‘promises’ by nature to perform, such as in whale watching or dolphin spotting, or when she ‘underperforms’. When these issues occur, what are the ethical implications for the tourist and where may litigious action begin, when nature does not keep to her promise?


Lesley is a Research Fellow at Curtin University in the Faculty of Business and Law, School of Marketing, Tourism Research Centre, researching Australian, Japanese, Chinese and PICs tourism, fisheries and nature and their policies and politics.


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