Tropical Cyclone Hazard mapping Using Geospatial Techniques for the Eastern Coastal Region of Bangladesh

Dr Muhammad Al-Amin Hoque1,2, Prof Biswajeet Pradhan1, Mr Ahmed Naser2

1Centre for Advanced Modelling and Geospatial Information Systems (CAMGIS), Faculty of Engineering and IT, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, Australia,

2Department of Geography and Environment, Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Tropical cyclones are the most common disasters in Bangladesh striking the country almost every year. The frequency and impacts of tropical cyclones will be higher in Bangladesh under future climate change scenarios. The eastern coastal region of Bangladesh is one of the highly cyclone affected coastal regions. This study aims to develop a multi-criteria integrated cyclone hazard map using geospatial techniques for the eastern coastal region of Bangladesh. Four criteria associated with cyclone hazard impacts were assessed. Thematic layers were prepared for each criterion, and hazard ratings were assigned using geospatial techniques. Finally, a hazard map was developed using a weighted overlay technique integrating all of the criteria layers with their assigned weights using Analytical hierarchy process. Our results indicated that 23% of the study area was located in the very high hazard zone, mostly close to the coast, with 22 % area as high hazard zone and around 18% area was at moderate hazard zone. The area was classified as low and very low hazard zone accounts the 17% and 20%, respectively, mostly towards inland from the coast. The findings of this study can be used by policymakers and administrators to develop effective cyclone impact mitigation plans.


Dr Muhammad Al-Amin Hoque is a research fellow at Centre for Advanced Modelling and Geospatial Information Systems, University of Technology Sydney, Australia. His research focuses on the uses of geospatial techniques for mapping and monitoring environmental changes and natural disasters.


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