Mouraria, local colour and sense of place of a historical Lisbon neighbourhood

Mr Lambert Rozema1, Ms Cristina Pinheiro2, Ms Ana Margerida Ferreira2

1Nhlstenden, Leeuwarden, Netherlands,

2Universidadeeuropeia, Lisbon, Portugal


Chromatic proposals for neighbourhoods often are aimed at establishing or maintaining the architectural identity of the place. This type of colour research suggests that heterogeneity and unity of colours can contribute to cultural identity. Colour proposals often aim at increasing actual liveability and wellbeing of the users of the public space of the area under scrutiny. Yet, relatively little is known about how residents can use the colours of their neighbourhood to strengthen their own sense of place particularly when the area is under pressure from the tourism industry.

Keywords: Local colour, co-creation, identity and community mapping.


Lambert Rozema, artist/researcher/lecturer in the field of local colour and sense of place. Currently in the process of starting a PhD in liaison with UNIDCOM Universidadeeuropeia, Lisbon, Leisure and Tourism Futures NHLStenden and Cultural Geography RUG, Groningen, Holland.


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