Between Colour and Chromatic Perception: exploring the tensions through movement

Ms Diti Bhattacharya1

1Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia


This paper looks at the everyday spatial entanglements between colour, chromatic perception and the act of walking. I draw on two examples from a series autoethnographic observations carried out in Brisbane city, in Australia and in Auckland city, in New Zealand to show how continuous interactions between colour and the act of walking facilitates a process of ‘sense making’ in/with time. In doing so, first I aim to establish a conceptual distinction between colour, and chromatic perception. Second, I revisit the idea of colour in the city as something other than a passive element in the background to movement. Thus, I explore how the composite coming together of a set of colors, interact with the relational process of walking in creating collaborative affective experiential knowledges in city spaces.


Diti Bhattacharya is a doctoral candidate at Griffith University. She has submitted her thesis on human geography, looking into spatial movements in College Street’s boipara, in Calcutta.


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