AIRPORT COLOUR Re-imagining airport space through the application and manipulation of colour, via physical and digital surfaces

Mrs Clare Booker1

1Royal Holloway, London, UK


How are airports defined and shaped by colour? How can colour affect our perception of the space? Through a series of art projects, I attempt to respond to these questions, and present a series of re-imaginings of the space through paintings and digital images. I respond to existing images of the airport which are presented through architectural visualisations and airport websites. Through painterly experiments with colour I aim to reinstate the intensity and heat of the actual experience of being in an airport.  The painted surface allows the space to be transformed into a richer, more embodied image, with atmosphere and feeling.   Representing these spaces through digital rendering is in fact, an unachievable hyper-reality (Bridle, 2013), whereas the colour and texture of the painted surface can be more successful in achieving the intangible sense of tension, atmosphere and ‘feeling’ of being in an actual space, and in this case, an actual airport.


Current PhD student, Royal Holloway.

Practice Based.  Human Geography.

BA (Hons) Fine Art. (Manchester Metropolitan University)

MA Creative Technology (University of Salford)

Lecturer in Digital & Graphic Design (Craven College, Leeds)


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